NBRI Staff contact details


Ms Vanessa Stein

202 2013

Chief Technician

Ms Marianne Hochobes

202 2040

Economic Botany & National Botanic Garden

Mr Steve Carr

202 2012

Head of the NBRI

Ms Esmerialda Strauss

202 2017

M.A.N. Müller Reference Library

Ms Joceline Dentlinger

202 2022

Millennium Seed Bank Programme

Ms Herta Kolberg

National Herbarium of Namibia (WIND): Curator

Ms Frances Chase

202 2021

National Plant Genetic Resources Centre (NPGRC)

Ms Hleni Heita

202 2058

Threatened Plants Programme

Ms Sonja Loots

202 2020

Vegetation Ecology

This position is currently vacant.