NBRI Core Functions

Core Functions: Subdivision NBRI

  • Plan, design and conduct inventories of the botanical resources of Namibia
  • Undertake research on the vegetation, flora and plant genetic resources of Namibia, in accordance with overall objectives of the Division, Directorate and Ministry
  • Collect, collate, capture, analyse and interpret data pertaining to botanical resources
  • Prepare and disseminate tangible outputs from research and inventory activities
  • Promote the development of indigenous plants with economic potential
  • Supply needs-driven botanical information
  • Provide a plant identification service
  • Curate and maintain national plant collections
  • Cultivate awareness and instil appreciation of Namibia's floral heritage
  • Collaborate in relevant national, regional and international initiatives, networks and programmes
  • Analyse, interpret and advise on international instruments and provide appropriate input when required as a national responsibility of ratification
  • Advise, inform and assist MAWF Management, colleagues and clients on all matters pertaining to plant resources, especially as relating to policy and legislation
  • Undertake environmental monitoring through input into review of environmental impact assessments, and research and collecting permits
  • Maintain comprehensive botanical reference library as part of National Agriculture and Water Information Centre


Core Functions: National Herbarium of Namibia (WIND)

  • Curate the National Plant Reference Collection
  • Conduct inventories of the indigenous flora
  • Undertake fieldwork to previously neglected areas to ensure that the National Collection is representative of the Namibian flora
  • Undertake biosystematic studies of flagship taxa
  • Create, update and manage information databases on the Namibian flora
  • Produce and publish an updated English version of the Flora of Namibia
  • Maintain literature collection relevant to the taxonomy of Namibian plants
  • Provide a plant identification service
  • Facilitate the provision of plant material to international experts undertaking bona fide taxonomic research
  • Provide taxonomic backstopping to the development of plant products
  • Analyse floristic information for national development and planning purposes
  • Participate in national, regional and international initiatives pertaining to plant taxonomy/biosystematics

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Core Functions: National Plant Genetic Resources Centre (NPGRC)

  • Prepare and execute germplasm collecting missions
  • Process and store collected and multiplied germplasm
  • Curate and maintain national plant genetic resources collection and database
  • Monitor viability of germplasm accessions
  • Multiply or regenerate accessions in collection
  • Conserve local plant genetic resources through in situ methods
  • Provide a procurement service for germplasm to researchers from other genebanks
  • Provide Namibian germplasm to bona fide users world-wide
  • Create awareness on value of local plant genetic resources
  • Promote utilisation of local plant genetic resources
  • Participate in national, regional and international initiatives pertaining to plant genetic resources

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Core Functions: National Botanic Garden of Namibia (NBGN)

  • Undertake horticultural trials of indigenous species with economic potential
  • Promote the horticultural use of indigenous plant species
  • Develop and maintain the National Botanic Garden of Namibia
  • Provide an environmental education and recreational facility
  • Create awareness and instil appreciation of Namibia's flora
  • Enhance attraction of Capital City for tourists
  • Participate in national, regional and international initiatives pertaining to horticulture and botanical gardens

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Core Functions: Vegetation Ecology

  • Map and describe different vegetation types of Namibia, based on field data, including species composition, structure, abundance and habitat of such vegetation types.
  • Monitor the long-term development of natural vegetation, especially regarding compositional changes as a result of climate change and/or land use effects.
  • Make information available to planners and land users regarding the vegetation resources of an area.
  • Provide information regarding sensitive ecological systems, considering the interrelationship between abiotic (habitat) and biotic (vegetation) ecosystem components.
  • Undertake eco-physiological studies in order to understand ecological processes related to plant / soil interactions.
  • Undertake aut-ecological studies on various indigenous plant species as inputs to:
    • an assessment to the sustainable use (harvesting) of species used for traditional and/or medicinal uses
    • possible re-introduction measures for future reclamation of badlands

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Core Functions: Economic Botany (EB)

  • Investigate opportunities and negotiate bilateral co-operation in plant product development
  • Promote the commercialisation of indigenous flora
  • Participate in feasibility assessments for plant product development
  • Generally co-ordinate activities in the development of plant products
  • Promote the cultivation of such products by small holder farmers as an integral part of a national agrodiversification programme
  • Generate information pertaining to utilisation of indigenous plants
  • Undertake resource assessments and situation analyses
  • Liaise with the relevant authorities in the monitoring of off-take from natural populations
  • Participate in national, regional and international initiatives pertaining to indigenous plant use and development

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Core Functions: MAN Müller Reference Library

  • Provide support to research activities at the NBRI by sourcing required references
  • Provide information on Namibian flora and related subjects to a wide variety of customers
  • Maintain and expand botanical book, journal, reprint, and slide collections
  • Input data and maintain databases pertaining to the library collections
  • Maintain a user-friendly environment to encourage the use of the facilities
  • Design and construct displays on various botanical themes for awareness creation

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Core Functions: Threatened Plants

  • Assessment of conservation status of Namibian flora
  • Conduct field surveys of threatened species
  • Monitor populations of threatened species
  • Ex-situ conservation of seed collections from treatened species
  • Disseminate information to bona fide users

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