Tulongeni Twahangana Cooperative Ltd

Who we are

Tulongeni Twahangana Cooperative (TTC), previously known as Tulongeni Twahangana Project was founded in 1996 in the Ohangwena Region.  For years local communities have been harvesting Ximenia fruits, decorticating the seeds and sold these for oil processing to be exported to France.  Initially, kernels were collected for market research and development purposes (quality and use).  Today the kernel is known to yield oil which is used commercially in cosmetic and personal care products (skin and hair care, bath and body, anti-aging products).

Tulongeni Twahangana Cooperative was established in 2012 with 9 producers associations in the Ohangwena and Oshikoto Regions, and today has a membership over 600 (a majority are women). Tulongeni Twahangana which translates "Let's work together" is provisionally registered as a cooperative.

Our services

The primary goal of TTC is to provide its members with the best possible services which include bulking and storage of raw materials, quality management and training of members, marketing and oil processing. It aims to promote the economic and social interests of its members by providing effective services according to sound business principles./p>

Over the years, TTC has evolved into a highly respected and responsible cooperative that responds to its members needs and provide excellent customer service.

TTC continues to grow in size and expand its services and capabilities throughout the Ohangwena and Oshikoto Regions. TTC is committed to access markets that have competitive prices, hence to the advantage of its members. TTC has become one of the leading suppliers of Ximenia in Namibia and the southern Africa region. TTC envisions building practical skills that members can apply to produce high quality products.

Contact details

Head Office
Eenhana Town
Eenhana Constituency
Ohangwena Region

Company Status

The co-operative is a body corporate, registered under the Co-operatives Act, No. 23 of 1996, with perpetual succession and capable of holding property, entering into contracts, suing and being sued in its own name.

Contact persons

Mrs Elisabeth Kalimbo (Chairperson) Mobile: 081 204 9404
Mrs Teopolina Hatupopi (Vice Chairperson) Mobile: 081 222 2057
Ms Johanna Amakali (MAWF Eenhana) Tel. 065  263097 Fax: 065 263099

Emails: oc_lesedi@yahoo.com