Threatened Plants Programme

The Threatened Plants section of the National Botanical Research Institute has been involved in conservation activities since the inception of the institute. Some of the main activities that are undertaken by the section include assigning a conservation status to each of Namibia’s indigenous plant species using the IUCN Red List classification system; conducting field surveys and monitoring populations of threatened species; ex situ conservation of seed collections from threatened, rare and endemic species; updating the plant Red List and disseminating information to bona fide users. A Red Data Book of Namibian plants was published in 2005. However, the Red list is being updated continuously as new information becomes available and data is processed. The Threatened Plants section also provide information regarding species of conservation concern to Environmental Impact Assessment agents when they conduct impact studies on proposed developments for Namibia.

If you have information that could help us protect our rare and threatened plants, or if you are willing to help us to monitor populations of rare and threatened plant species, please let us know.

 If you are aware of illegal collection of rare and threatened plants, please report this to us.

Ms Sonja Loots

202 2020